The circus festival is a unique event, a platform for contemporary circus, which contributes significantly to its recognition and promotion as a performing art.  It is a springboard for discovering new talents in circus art and promoting them internationally.


The circus festival is the fastest and most useful bridge for direct cultural exchange between different countries, different circus schools, different styles and aspects of this art.  It is also the easiest platform for imposing innovative ideas, fashions and trends for future development.

Nowadays, in addition to circus performances, many different International Circus Festivals are held in almost all major capitals and cities around the world, including: Monte Carlo, Budapest, Paris, Moscow, Hanoi, Sydney, Zuhai, Wuchao, Kyiv, Girona, Basel and many others.

Each country is trying to organize such a festival in order to appear on the world circus stage and to establish its authority and influence in this field.

The circus festival is equivalent to an Olympic games in the circus genre, a competition between different schools, artists and currents in the circus, occupying a certain place in the ranking of festivals according to its prestige.


Golden Horse International Circus Festival is the only international circus festival on the Balkan Peninsula.


It is also the first INTERNATIONAL Circus Festival in Bulgaria, with the participation of circus artists from around the world and an international jury of circus experts.


The mission of the festival is to restore, develop and promote the circus art in Bulgaria through international cultural exchange and creative international cooperation, as well as through educational activities, including the establishment of a professional circus school. We strive to develop contemporary creative projects that are a symbiosis between art, sports, music, dance and visual arts.



Lachezar Stefanov

Product Manager

Veneta Stefanova

Chief Executive Officer


Organizing Committee of the First International Circus Festival "GOLDEN HORSE"

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